SlickEdit 2008

SlickEdit 2008

SlickEdit 2008 is a code editor for all categories of programmers
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SlickEdit 2008 is a code editor for all categories of programmers, providing them with all the necessary capabilities, like faster creation, navigation, building and debugging of the code. It comes with the option of context Tagging, allowing the user to quickly find all references without searching, and drill down from a symbol to its definition.

The user doesn’t need to type too much as the application also has syntax expansion and completion functionalities along with various code templates, permitting the creation of custom typing shortcuts with aliases. As a matter of fact, the user can create and manage projects and workspaces, and launch SlickEdit for quick editing tasks in lesser time than as much as required for certain IDEs to load.

The user can also display symbol details with List Members, function, method argument help, and formatted Javadoc, XMLdoc, Doxygen comments, and analyze the symbols as well as hierarchy with a fully loaded set of tools including Class, Symbols, References, and Find Symbol tool windows. The application even allows the user to code in over 40 languages on 7 platforms, record macros to perform common or repetitive tasks, and even create custom keyboard and mouse bindings.

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